Content Locking

hasLockers is a cloud service adding content locking features to your affiliate network, It's based on hasOffers API! You can get your own content locking gateway in 5 minutes!

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Quick Setup

You can setup your own content locking gateway in about 5 minutes: just 3 steps: Fill API keys, Add our IP to your white-list, Sync offers. and then your own content locking gateway is runing!

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No-pain integration

All your existing affliate user and employee account on hasoffers platform just login to your new content locking gateway with same username/password and start add content lockers!

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Sync Offers

By 1 or 2 Clicks, you can sync offers from your hasoffers account into haslockers account, you can select/deselect which categories/offers will be included in haslockers too!

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Super Flexible

Affiliate user can define everything of the locker: the apperance, offers source(by select categories or select offers directly) and targeting countries!

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Instant Preview

Customize apperance of locker is so easy, everything is adjustable: font, size, color, image etc. and you can preview it instantly!

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More Features

Geo targeting, Bypass IP list. Postback, Delay lock, Unlock redirect, etc. And as we are cloud service, new features will be added seamlessly

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